How to know what face shape you are?

How to know what face shape you are?

Picking the right sunglasses that would fit your face can be difficult..

Lucky people who got oval face shape, any sunglasses just looks good on them. I bet you have atleast one friend who looks good in any shape of sunglasses

But what to do if you just can't find the right ones?


Well, find out what shape is your face!


Now, how do I know what shape is my face?

you may ask


Let me help you!


First of all, by knowing what shape is your face you will be able not only to pick the sunglasses that will suit your face but also to get more gratifying haircut and choose how to contour your face.


and now steps in order to determine your face shape:


Step 1

Which part of your face is the widest?

If forehead:  Wider forehead feature typically signalizes about OVAL type of face. Especially if the width is narrowing towards the chin.
If cheekbones: Face shapes that are widest at the cheekbones are a usually a ROUND face shape. Nonetheless, the length of your face also plays a role. Rounded face shape owners should measure their face lenght and width as these parts should be basically equal. 
If jaw: When jaw is the broadest part of the face - might be SQUARE face shape. Square face owners tend to have equal widh between forehead, cheeks, and jawline. 

Step 2

What is the shape of your jaw?

Round: Round jaw round face shape, as easy as that. If the width of your face is similar to the lenght, you can be self-assured that you have a ROUND face. If the length is clearly longer, you might have OVAL shape.

Square: A robust jawline frequently signifies a SQUARE face shape. If you have angular jaw, but your chin is not particularly pointed, this can be your shape.

Pointy:  Your face might be HEART shaped. This face shape strongly narrows toward the chin.


Step 3

What is the lenght of your face?

Short: You have ROUND face shape, unless you're a little angular at the jawline.
Long: If you still haven't figured it out from steps one and two, you probably have an OVAL face.







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