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Worried it will not fit your face? Check this out

OVAL SHAPED FACE :  Oval faces are well balanced, so virtually any shape will suit as long as the sunglass is wider than the widest part of your cheek.

HEART SHAPED FACE: Semi rimless or cat-eye shapes are the best, because they will create a soft look and bring the focus to your eyes, whilst balancing your jaw area. Avoid sunglasses that are top-heavy or sit too high as they will draw attention to your forehead. 

ROUND SHAPED FACE: Straight or slightly angular sunglasses will minimise curves and add definition to your cheekbones. Avoid oval and circular styles as they will make your face appear fuller.

SQUARE SHAPED FACE: Wide and narrow sunglasses will downplay a strong jaw and make your face appear longer. Curvy styles such as cat eyes will also give your face more definition. Steer clear of square frames.